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Acupuncture is a therapeutic system used in traditional Chinese medicine. Reflexology uses the idea of somatotopy, with each organ corresponding to different locations on the body (ear, palm, feet, face, etc).


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LEs gammes d'auricilomédecine


LEs gammes d'auricilomédecine


Sedatelec pioneer
in the creation of tools
that facilitate its practice

Sedatelec offers adapted and innovative devices
for the practice of acupuncture and reflexology.

Millennial Chinese acupuncture has only very recently made its appearance in Europe (1929, George Soulié de Morant), based on the evidence of its ability to treat individuals “differently”. It has evolved in line with the health regulations.

Because “Traditional” does not mean “Archaic”, Sedatelec has from the beginning of the 1990s considered a professionalization of the instruments and needles used in these practices. Sedatelec thus proposed the first sterile single-use acupuncture needle manufactured in France (DN needles).

Building on this success, and after meticulous and long stages of development and validation with traditional therapists, Sedatelec offers since 2010 the possibility of practicing moxibustion in complete safety: creation of the 1st and only “Moxa-like” moxibuster to date.

The latest development for this practice, was focused on how to offer a controlled stimulation of the Qi. It resulted in the creation of innovative devices using the principle of “frequency wobulation“.

The Sedatelec advantages:

Reflex-therapies are becoming more and more popular and taught. Beyond Auriculotherapy (Auricular Reflex-therapy), you can also find a projection of the body and organs on other systems on the body (iris, skull, hand, foot, etc.).

Sedatelec’s 40 years of experience in creating ear point detectors, also supports this development, as they offer the additional feature of precisely specifying the location of body points.

Our product categories for this field

Electrical detection & stimulation

Detection of auriculotherapy (differential) and acupuncture (direct) points, stimulation of these points by micro- or milli-current, and electro-acupuncture up to 16 needles. Cutting-edge products based on 40 years of innovation.


Heat Stimulation

Sedatelec, creator of the only Moxa-Like reproducing the spectrum of heated mugwort to provide the same effectiveness as traditional moxibustion: increased blood flow, anti-pain treatment, stimulation of the immune system, and more.


Laser Stimulation

Whether you're a dentist, veterinarian, physiotherapist, practitioner of acupuncture, reflexology or auriculotherapy, Sedatelec can provide you with Lasers that are innovative, ergonomic, easy to handle and practical. Discover the benefits of Laser photobiomodulation, harmlessly and without heating.


Our specific innovations

Electrical moxibustion

Frequency wobbling

Frequency-adaptable Superpulsed Laser