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Auriculomedicine and Photonotherapy enable you to detect and stimulate, by taking the radial pulse, and evaluate the organism’s responses to cutaneous stimulation. These reactions let you evaluate the patient’s pathological state.


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LEs gammes d'auricilomédecine


LEs gammes d'auricilomédecine


pioneer in skin photoperception devices

In 1966, Paul Nogier very fortuitously observed that when he exerted slight pressure on the ear, there was a corresponding decrease or increase in the pulse. The rhythm did not change, but the pulse seemed to become stronger or weaker.

After checking the phenomenon with many of his patients, he called it the Réflexe Auriculo-Cardiaque (RAC). Over time, attention has been turned to the possibility of the existence of a more general phenomenon, which, on the advice of Professor Pierre MAGNIN (Besançon), is called the VAS: Vascular Autonomic Signal. In other words, the autonomous vascular signal.

The VAS is therefore an arterial reaction to stimulation of the skin or to an emotion.


In every person, when the skin is lit up by a flash of light, the radial pulse becomes «harder». This effect generally lasts for 3 pulses and represents the adaptation of the body to a new electromagnetical situation.

The work of Paul NOGIER has shown that cutaneous stimulation that can trigger VAS can be mechanical or luminous. By taking the radial pulse, auriculomedicine can assess the body’s responses mostly to skin stimulations. The reactions are well known and the investigations are standardised. It is therefore possible to detect abnormal reactions in some patients who should generally be treated by auriculotherapy.

For the moment, auriculomedicine is a marginal technique that provides enviable therapeutic results. It is at the leading edge of clinical research and will doubtless be behind great physiological discoveries in the future.

In the 1970s, Paul Nogier found the physiological correspondence of a range of frequencies with various parts of the skin using the RAC.
Intermittent light stimulation of the skin can produce a number of very different RAC depending on the frequency of the light impulses delivered. This is one of the essential parts of auriculomedicine.
By stimulating the skin using light emitted by a diode and hertz by hertz adjustments he discovered that some areas of the pinna of the ear and body react identically to specific frequencies.

Find out about the Nogier frequencies**.


New therapy developed by Professor Magnin, based on discoveries in auriculomedicine: Nogier pulse and photoperception.

Light treatment is the modulation of photon emission using coloured discs activated by appropriate lighting: the essence of “Photonotherapy”.

This is an authentic method founded on the energy and functional reorganisation of electron activity. It associates colour discs with the Nogier frequencies**.

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