Auriculotherapy is a reflex therapy based on the ear somatotopy (inverted fetus) which defines the links between the pinna of the ear and the central nervous system via the brain stem.


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LEs gammes d'auricilomédecine


LEs gammes d'auricilomédecine


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Auriculotherapy was developed by Doctor Paul Nogier in Lyon in the 1950s, firstly in France and then in other countries. The primary approach of auriculotherapy is based on somatotopics which defines the links between the pinna of the ear and the central nervous system via the brain stem.
The ear contains «Neuro-Vascular Complexes» (NVC), stimulation of which has extremely complex effects which are not only neurological but also neurosecretory and even neuroimmune and neurovascular.
Unlike what is usually believed or thought, auriculotherapy does not derive from acupuncture as it is not based on the concept of energy which is so important in traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, an acupuncture point exists permanently, whereas in auriculotherapy the point is only detectable when underlying symptomatic disease is present (except for Master points).

Recognized by the WHO since 1987

Standardization of the nomenclature of 43 ear points in 1990.


Validation by the National Institute of Health and Medical Research

Of the 42 clinical studies analyzed by INSERM, intraoperative pain and preoperative anxiety are accepted as interesting indications.

Our product categories for this field

ASP® Semi-permanent needle

The ASP® original is a sterile device used to implant a small needle in the auricle. The ASP® needle provides the auricular point with a prolonged stimulation effect. It can stay in place up to a maximum of 30 days.


Electrical detection & stimulation

Detection of auriculotherapy (differential) and acupuncture (direct) points, stimulation of these points by micro- or milli-current, and electro-acupuncture up to 16 needles. Cutting-edge products based on 40 years of innovation.


Instruments & Training Materials

From initiation to practice, you get all of the instructional material and instruments you need: charts, books, ears, sensors, testing rings, etc.


Laser Stimulation

Whether you're a dentist, veterinarian, physiotherapist, practitioner of acupuncture, reflexology or auriculotherapy, Sedatelec can provide you with Lasers that are innovative, ergonomic, easy to handle and practical. Discover the benefits of Laser photobiomodulation, harmlessly and without heating.


Our specific innovations

ASP® click

Differential electric detection

Frequency-adaptable Superpulsed Laser