Differential electric detection

This is a specific system for customised auriculotherapy using 3 electrodes; one benchmark electrode in contact with the patient (earth) and a probe equipped with two co-axial electrodes. The central electrode measures the point, and the peripheral electrode the surrounding environment.


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LEs gammes d'auricilomédecine


LEs gammes d'auricilomédecine


Detection in acupuncture

Dr NIBOYET demonstrated a difference in skin resistance between acupuncture points and their neighbouring environment by detecting reduced impedance.

The acupuncture points are relatively remote from each other in the body and the detector is used to determine their position. A single electrode detector is sufficient, a differential point finder can also be used by attaching a small accessory (ERT nozzle) which converts it into a simple detector.

Differential detection indispensable in auriculotherapy !

In auriculotherapy it is not enough to locate a point using direct detection.
In order to select an auricular point a very accurate dual measurement (differential) of the electrical characteristics of the point and of its environment is required. It is the measure of the point which completes the diagnosis.
As the auricular points are very close to each other only differential detection can accurately and reliably locate the points on the pinna of the ear.
This is the measurement process which SEDATELEC patented several years ago.

Point measurement-min

How does a differential point finder function?

This is a 3 electrode measurement system: a reference electrode in contact with the patient (ground handle) and a probe with two coaxial electrodes.

The central electrode measures the point and the peripheral electrode measures its neighbouring environment.

A built-in electronic system in the device processes both measurements and depending on the calculated impedance measurement indicates the pathological state of the point.

The characteristics
of a good point finder



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