Statistically-Controlled Frequency Oscillation


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LEs gammes d'auricilomédecine


LEs gammes d'auricilomédecine


Maintaining permanent
body responsiveness
to stimuli

Sedatelec has invented a unique concept involving frequency fluctuation around the benchmark frequency selected for the treatment: Statistically-Controlled Frequency Oscillation (SCFO).

Using original electronic management, the Agistim Duo emits electrical stimulation that is very near the therapy frequency selected for physiological effect, but with slight and random variation that prevents habituation to a stimulation rhythm.

It is never the exact same frequency twice, so the body remains attentive and reactive. A bit like when you hear a musical note that is not perfectly stable, and for which you cannot predict the variations…

One significant physiological characteristic to take into account is the idea of habituation: when an organism is subjected to regular and constant stimulation (within physiological limits, of course), it redefines the stimulation as part of its ‘normal’ environment and no longer reacts. This is true for odours (we very quickly no longer smell the odours around us, but after leaving the room then returning 1 minute later we can smell them again), and for light, air temperature, noise… and also for electrical stimulation repeated at a regular rhythm.

To keep the organism alert and to mobilise its reactions, you must constantly modify the nature of the stimulation. The simplest way with electrical stimulation is by modifying the pulse frequency.



Electro-stimulator which enables you to connect up to 8 electrodes or up to 16 needles (with the use of 4 needle modules).