Frequency wobbling

Specific management of stimulation frequencies based on the dynamic (acceleration or deceleration), with the signal variation used as the basis for the information decoded by the organism.


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LEs gammes d'auricilomédecine


LEs gammes d'auricilomédecine


The Qi dynamic

The Qi expresses this concept of Vital Breath, Energy, and Force in action and represents Life. It symbolises Movement. This energy circulates continuously in the meridians, expressing the Yin and the Yang, in their equilibrium and in their regularly alternating cycle. They enable harmonious functioning of the living being individually incorporated into the immediate environment and in the entire universe.

During the detailed overall clinical examination, after identifying a dysfunction and analysing its causes, the place where the energy is lacking must be tonified, where it is in excess it must be sedated, and energy flows must be harmonised and redirected when the crossover points are disturbed.

to preserve the Qi

Tonification, sedation, harmonisation…, biological information is brought by wobulation

Impulse frequency influences the reaction. If this frequency is set at a fixed level for too long the body no longer responds and becomes indifferent to stimulation.
Stimulation is effective if it is dynamic and varies in the same way as the Qi moves perpetually through the network of meridians.
In the same way as the Qi rises and then falls in each meridian, the wobulated stimulation increases or reduces the number of impulses emitted per second in a complex mathematical progression.

New Sedatelec development: Wobulation

SEDATELEC has developed a specific approach to physiological impulses no longer based on repetitive frequencies but on dynamics, acceleration or deceleration as variation in the signal is considered to form the basis of the information decoded by the body.
What is important for a living being is dynamics, change and variation!


Controlled rapid stimulation of acupuncture points. Acceleration of impulse emission rates which has a revitalising effect.


In a few seconds you can disperse the Qi and abolish energy stasis. Sedation is obtained by slowing the impulse emissions rate.


This stimulation re-equilibrates the point and circulation in the meridian by alternating accelerations and decreases in impulse rate.

Our products offering wobulation:


Electrical detection and stimulation device at the leading edge of technology with a revolutionary design.


Soft Laser that provides painless infrared stimulation of acupuncture points, including those on the face and sensitive areas, auricular points and trigger points.