GLEM training schedule 2024-2025

The Medical Study Group of Lyon is an association created in 1965 by Dr Paul Nogier. 
It is dedicated to teaching  complementary medical techniques, mainly linked to auriculotherapy.

The teachers of these trainings are well-known experts in the field: Dr Raphaël NOGIER,  Dr Jean-Luc VIGNERON, Dr Chantal VULLIEZ, Dr Stéphane MAUGENDRE, Dr Bernard DEFFONTAINES…

Download the 2024/2025 program here

Trainings only in French

Further information about the courses:

Or please contact directly the GLEM:
G.L.E.M. Medical Studies Group of Lyon (Member of the F.A.FOR.ME.C)
Adress: 49, Rue Mercière, 69002 LYON
Phone number: 04 72 41 80 08
Fax: 04 78 37 55 13
Secretary (Diana):