Premio 40


Battery-powered medical examination light with frequency and continuous light and colour stimulation.


CE, Health Canada, FDA


4 in 1 device : it replaces the GIR30+, DB165, Theralight and ELD !


Delivered with a case including 1 protected battery 900mA, 1 USB charger, 1 disc mount, 1 Ø2 mm and 1 Ø5 cm nozzle and a user manual.


Protected 900 mA or optional 2600 mA battery for extended use.


An excellent diagnostic tool for alternative medicine.

With the following innovations :

  • Last generation high CRI diode with a light spectrum closest to that of the sun.
  • An adjustable light intensity from 780 Lux to 51.500 Lux at 5 cm.
  • Very limited heating of the source in order to maintain a constant quality no matter which gelatine filters are used.
  • High precision: emission of frequencies with a precision of 0.01%.
  • Excellent battery life : a day of work without charging.


  • Use of all our Sedatelec filters and discs range (>150 references)
  • Wireless and autonomous for an easy use
  • Illumination of Ø2 mm to Ø20 cm zone


Easy to use

  • An adjustable intensity, the lower one (detection) on 4 levels and the higher intensity (stimulation) on 6 levels
  • Selection of the Nogier frequencies** from A to G and L frequency, in basic frequencies with the possibility to use higher harmonics.
  • Variation of frequencies from -30% to +30% in 5% intervals.
  • Automatic scanning function for all the frequencies and all the percentages
  • Laterality test with the beating function (BF, HF, HF + BF)

Choose the option you need:

112747 PREM-03 – PREMIO Stand
113050 PREM-06 – PREM-09 battery extension
113074 PREM-07 – Optical Fiber with removable tip
112099 PREM-08 – Protected 900 mA battery, 18350
113001 PREM-09 – Protected 1200 mA battery, 18650
112615 ELD-D3 – D3 dic comprising : Yellow 9 – Green 64 – Yellow 12 – Blue 44A – Red 24 – Red 31
112616 ELD-D4 – D4 disc comprising : Orange 21 – Blue 44 – Green 61 – Red 24 – Red 25 – Green 58
112728 ELD-PCF – PCF disc comprising : Orange A21 – Red B25 – Yellow C3 – Red D24 – Blue E44 – Blue F98 – Red G30
113073 ELD-GIR – Red and Infra red disk
112497 ELD-DV – Blank disc for personalised colours


Before use, carefully read the user manual.





Premio 40 light



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