Ear Acupuncture in Reykjavik on March 18th and 19th

Date : 18 March 2022
to 19 February 2022

Learn Auriculotherapy and Psychotraumatology in Reykjavik
with Anne Marie Bering and Robert Bering from Denmark and Germany.

Date: March 18th and 19th

Hour: 9 am – 6 pm both days

Price: 4000 DKK (Danish Krone)


You will be able to use the technique immediately.

General practitioners treat patients with psychic disorders like Depression, PTSD and chronic pain, which are often caused by traumatic stress.

During this course you will learn techniques that can and should be integrated in general medicine.

Program overview:

  • Case reports of trauma treatment according to guidelines
  • Introduction to French Auriculotherapy (AT)
  • Complementary treatment of traumatic stress response syndromes by AT

Check out more details about the training program here.

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