Photobiomodulation University Diploma at the University of Montpellier 2022-2023

Photobiomodulation for pain management, faster healing and related pathologies.

Place: Nîmes (France) or online.

Duration: 80  hours
Internship: 35 hours
Duration: 1 year
Exams : 2-hour written and oral exams (dissertation)

Accessible to all healthcare professionals.

The speakers are international experts from 3 different continents.

There will be a translation from French to English and from English to French.

Objectives of the diploma:

  1. Analyse the action mechanisms of PBM
  2. Establish a protocol including PBM
  3. Use PBM in medical practice

For more information please contact:

Damien Vila
Teacher and responsible of the course. 

“Photobiomodulation is finally receiving its academic credentials as an innovative, non-invasive science and technique of the future for all health professionals. The learning concepts, at the cutting edge of pedagogy/andragogy, involved in this diploma are not the only challenge we will face: it is also an international teamwork with the best expertise from three continents. Empowering thought and practice is at the heart of the teaching.”

Damien Vila at the initiative of PBM’s university diplomas in France and co-founder of EMALT